Dear Wayne County is finally here!

Dear Wayne County is now available for pre-order on for shipment on December 1, 2016! I’m proud to present my memoir about growing up in Wayne County, Indiana, and hope that its residents and many more will enjoy reading about my youth there.

I would also like to thank the individuals throughout the county (and a few outside it) who took the time to sit down with me and discuss the book’s themes and content. They made the book sharper, funnier, and better.

From the back of the book:

This is a letter to Wayne County, Indiana, from one of its sons, Daniel. He grew up on a farm, surrounded by mostly animals, and never quite grew into the social fabric of rural east-central Indiana he was a patch sewn onto it.

He idolized his Quaker grandmother as a young boy, but eventually came to apostatize as an adult.

He thrilled to romance, but not the traditional kind. He eventually came out.

And he wanted life outside of Wayne County, so he went.

Dear Wayne County is neither love letter nor hate mail, but a simple exercise in catching up with long lost acquaintances. It is one that will be widely recognized, because it’s been written on the hearts of many before.


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