What is the Thought Box?

This is my Thought Box. I put thoughts in here.


Sometimes I have a single thought or question. After thinking about it for several minutes, I realize that answering the question or fleshing out the thought will be more difficult than I initially thought. In response, I just unload my brain onto a Word document and see what happens.

Writing helps me organize and clarify my thoughts, and helps me to see exactly how, to what extent, and whether I know something. Everything that you see here is likely not in its final form, and will be subject to further edits as I think on the subjects further. Drop me a line if you have a thought about my thoughts. It would be fun to discuss.

This page, which is the same age as 2017, will house the results of such brain unloadings. You can either look at the linked list of them below, or go here for a more aesthetically appealing layout. Just click the links below if you want to see what my deal is.

First thought: Would technology that changes sexual orientation be good or bad?

Second thought: Fake news isn’t new. But a proper understanding of its nature is.

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