Hello. I’m Daniel Golliher.

I am an author and a writer, and I gravitate towards speculative questions (the what if scenarios).

I graduated from Harvard College in 2014 with a degree in government, although I enjoy philosophy, law, economics, history, and various sciences just as much. Usually, I find science fiction to be one of the best ways to explore the fields that compose my interests and degree. It all fits together.

So: I’d like to have conversations. My goal is to provoke thought in everyone who reads my work, and to get better at provocation. For more on what I think, see the Thought Box.

I read, run, write, practice several languages, fiddle with the piano (and such fiddling it is!), and more. Anything to keep the plate full, which my grandmother would be displeased with. She was always rounding up more members for the clean plate club.

I (currently) live in Boston. I write in cursive. I type in Times New Roman.




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