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Writing helps me organize and clarify my thoughts, and helps me to see exactly how, to what extent, and whether I understand something. Everything that you see here is likely not in its final form, and will be subject to further edits as I think on the subjects further. Drop me a line if you have a thought about my thoughts.

Many of the things I will write about have been covered in depth by other people (if you’re writing about politics, Socrates and Aristotle covered that in depth a while ago). My primary goal here isn’t to break new ground on any particular topic (although that would be great), but to understand one for myself by means of writing thoughts down.

Another benefit of this page, I hope, is that it will serve as a preliminary (but significant) introduction to me. This could be useful for any man who would like to date me, any person who would like to be my friend, or any professional wanting to know the manner in which I think.

The posts are underlined to indicate a hyperlink, and begin with the least recent.


I’ll write what I want on the internet, and if I run for office I’ll deal with it. The alternative is not living.

Would technology that changes sexual orientation be good or bad?

Fake news isn’t new. But a proper understanding of its nature is.

Corporations aren’t good or evil. Especially not evil.

Envy is instructive, and, by its nature, has the same impact on positive emotions as defining a concept by means of a negative has on knowledge.

26th Birthday Thoughts

Other thought: The mood appropriate to “Thanksgiving” is most potently felt when I am shielded from nature’s indifference toward humanity by the technology of my species.

Other thought: It’s easy to understand why and how individuals in past times did not see that racism, sexism, homophobia, and other things were wrong. Most individuals are committing errors that are just as glaring today, but most do not perform the analyses necessary to reveal those errors, which are the same analyses that would have revealed the errors of past people in their own time. They eliminate errors with the imprecision and accident of emotion, rather than reason (as discussed in my dialectic on changing sexual orientation).

Other thought: That curious feeling when you hear a language that you can’t understand. If it is completely foreign, the language is merely an interesting sound to listen to. If you know a related language (in either grammar, vocabulary, or both), that mildly pleasant feeling becomes immense frustration, as your brain understands patterns and discrete grammatical structures in the spoken speech, but cannot make sense of it.

Other thought: When advocating for a cause, controversial elements/campaigns that turn many people off of a cause are always useful and necessary. But the dose makes the poison.

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