Hello :)

Maybe you came here from Twitter. Perhaps a dating app. Regardless, welcome.

Here’s what you’ll find on the pages of my site:

  • The About page: this is a summary of what I’ve done in life in pretty fine detail. Where I come from, what I did there, how I live on a daily basis.
  • The Thoughts page: a list of topics, and what I think about them.
  • The Blog: stories and essays.

Here’s what’s going on generally:

  • I’m hosting a salon on the nature of corporate work on November 25. You can see details here. Salons, unlike lectures, are participatory. So if you attend, you can feel free to contribute your own thoughts to the discussion (although you don’t have to).

And you can contact me through the social media links in the menu, or via email at danielgolliher (at) gmail (dot) com.