Hello :)

Maybe you came here from Twitter. Perhaps a dating app. Regardless, welcome. I’m Daniel Golliher (gol- as in golf, yer- as in yurt. Gol-yer).

Where to find me online:

  1. This website, my home base. Here you have three important pages:
    • The About page: this is a summary of what I’ve done in life in pretty fine detail. Where I come from, what I did there, how I live on a daily basis.
    • The Thoughts page: a list of topics, and what I think about them. This links to 20+ discrete pages.
    • The Blog: stories and essays, on no particular schedule.
  2. My publishing company.
  3. My Twitter.

Past events and publications:

  • I hosted a three-part series of salons via Interintellect on personal finance:
    • Part 1 of 3, January 23, 2021: I hosted an Interintellect salon on personal finance.
    • Part 2 of 3, January 30, 2021: I hosted an Interintellect salon on the cost and affordability of moving to, and living in, New York City. The conventional wisdom about the city being unaffordable is quite wrong.
    • Part 3 of 3, February 6, 2021: I hosted an Interintellect salon on interdisciplinary budgeting.
  • I hosted a three-part series of salons via Interintellect on the nature of work.
    • Part 1, November 25, 2020: Navigating the corporate world, and determining whether and when it’s right for you.
    • Part 2, December 12, 2020: Examining honesty and information asymmetry in the working world.
    • Part 3, December 22, 2020: “Wilderness or Eden: Living and Working Outside the Corporate World.”
  • I appeared on episode 4 of the Interintellect podcast to talk about my salon series and work (see below).
Interintellect ยท ii Hostcast Ep.4 with Daniel Golliher: Prestigious Professionals, Callous Creators

Connect with me:

  • Use the social media links in the menu (Twitter is best).
  • Email at danielgolliher (at) gmail (dot) com.
  • If you want the traditional-style credentials, you can check my LinkedIn. But that’s not a great place to connect with me.

IF you’ve gotten value out of anything I’ve written: