Hello :)

Maybe you came here from Twitter. Perhaps a dating app. Regardless, welcome. I’m Daniel Golliher (gol- as in golf, yer- as in yurt. Gol-yer). Note: I’m transitioning away from WordPress in a few weeks, so the site will have a much better look soon!

Where to find me online:

  1. This website, my home base. Here you have two important pages, both of which are experiments. I’m putting more information into the world to see who it attracts, and so far I’ve made some excellent friends this way.
    • The About page: this is a summary of what I’ve done in life in pretty fine detail. Where I come from, what I did there, how I live on a daily basis.
    • The Thoughts page: a list of topics, and what I think about them. This links to 20+ discrete pages.
  2. My Substack, “21st Century Pamphleteer,” with essays on a variety of topics.
  3. My Twitter.
  4. My principal project: Maximum New York

Connect with me:

  • Use the social media links in the menu (Twitter is best).
  • If you want the formal credentials and work history, you can check my LinkedIn.

IF you’ve gotten value out of anything I’ve written and want to see more: