Hello :)

Maybe you came here from Twitter. Perhaps a dating app. Regardless, welcome. I’m Daniel Golliher (gol- as in golf, yer- as in yurt. Gol-yer).

There are five primary places where I am online:

  1. This website, my home base. Here you have three important pages:
    • The About page: this is a summary of what I’ve done in life in pretty fine detail. Where I come from, what I did there, how I live on a daily basis.
    • The Thoughts page: a list of topics, and what I think about them. This links to 20+ discrete pages.
    • The Blog: stories and essays, on no particular schedule, although I have a series of 10+ that I’ll be posting soon.
  2. Reset Default Settings, my new podcast/newsletter.
  3. My publishing company.
  4. My Twitter.
  5. Events:
    • Part 1 of 3, January 23, 2021: I will be co-hosting an Interintellect salon on personal finance.
    • Part 2 of 3, January 30, 2021: I will be hosting an Interintellect salon on the cost and affordability of moving to, and living in, New York City. The conventional wisdom about the city being unaffordable is quite wrong. Event link coming soon.
    • Part 3 of 3, February 6, 2021: I will be hosting an Interintellect salon on interdisciplinary budgeting. Event link coming soon.

Past events and publications:

  • I hosted a three-part series of salons via Interintellect on the nature of work.
    • Part 1, November 25, 2020: Navigating the corporate world, and determining whether and when it’s right for you.
    • Part 2, December 12, 2020: Examining honesty and information asymmetry in the working world.
    • Part 3, December 22, 2020: “Wilderness or Eden: Living and Working Outside the Corporate World.”
  • I appeared on episode 4 of the Interintellect podcast to talk about my salon series and work (see below).
Interintellect ยท ii Hostcast Ep.4 with Daniel Golliher: Prestigious Professionals, Callous Creators

Connect with me:

  • Use the social media links in the menu (Twitter is best).
  • Email at danielgolliher (at) gmail (dot) com.
  • If you want the traditional-style credentials, you can check my LinkedIn. But that’s not a great place to connect with me.

IF you’ve gotten value out of anything I’ve written: