Business work


Selling is a vital skill, and is more than half the battle in life and business.

But selling seems scammy to some people, so let me define some terms.


To sell: the exchange of value for value, the necessary precursor to which is communication between the seller and their audience, the customer.

This is not to be confused with scamming, which is what the archetypical lemon-hocking, used-car salesman does. To scam: the exchange of value for as little as the seller can get away with.

A salesperson believes they have value to offer, and they seek to exchange their value for the value (often in the form of money) of someone else. The art of the sale lies in the seller’s communication–how they reach out to customers to let them know what’s on offer.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best product, idea, or service, if you can’t sell. People can only buy what they can see, so the rewards go to the best communicator, not necessarily the best product/idea/service.


A lot of people have an aversion to self-promotion, and, by extension, promoting anything they wish to sell. In most cases, this boils down to a lizard brain fear that goes like this: “People will think that I think I’m worth the money I’m asking for.”

And…yeah? If you’re selling, you’re seeking to exchange your value for someone else’s value. That’s how that works. Embrace the idea that you’re seeking a mutually beneficial exchange, and that you’re looking for people to partner with you in that. This is not scammy. This is the process that’s created the unprecedented prosperity enjoyed by humans today. Join in!

Further: there will be trial and error. Learning to sell is a process, and sub-components like calibrating prices to what your market will pay must be learned. It’s not only OK to fail, it’s a necessary part of the process. Don’t let the fear of failure prevent you from starting–failing is regular. It is to be expected. It would be weird if you didn’t experience it.


Whether you’re promoting your ideas, a product, or a service, you must start. If you start, you’re ahead of most people; and you’re not too late. The best time to start learning to sell was in the past, but (you’re in luck) the second best time is right now. There’re tons of ways to get going without a lot of overhead, and with a lot of room to iterate. To end this short post, I recommend reading the thread below.

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