Each day of February 2018 I will write one essay in the neighborhood of 500-1,500 words. The topics will be varied, but according to my interests. It’s a writing exercise and a good opportunity to commit to reasoning some things out on “paper.”

February 1: Blue Hair, Don’t Care”

February 2: “Political Persuasion, or: The Art of Automobile Acquisition”

February 3: “More Books in 2018 (But Not Vampire/Werewolf Pseudo-Porn)”

February 4: “Creation is Human, Not Divine”

February 5: “Being Wrong in Public is Useful”

February 6: “Jobs Are Good, but Not Without Good Management”

February 7: “Take Me to Mars”

February 8: “Discussing Politics is Like Discussing Calculus”

February 9: “Cargo Cult Marketing”

February 10: “When My Mind Turned On”

February 11: “Where the Lemons Blossom”

February 12: “Asimov Jones”

February 13: “Wisdom does not come with Age”

February 14: “What I Mean When I Say Love”

February 15: “The Philosopher’s Revenge”

February 16 (companion to the essay on 2/17): “I Am Displeased with Political Memes: A Title in the Form of an Understatement”

February 17 (companion to the essay on 2/16): “Speaking Up”

February 18: “On Goodbyes”

February 19: “A Few More Weeks of Winter, Please”

February 20: “A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words, but a Song’s Worth a Million”

February 21: “The Inaugural Outdoor Run”

February 22 (cross-post): “What is a City?”

February 23: “You Can’t Make Old Friends”

February 24: “Personality Tests & Alignment”

February 25: “Technical Skill Applied to Terrible Ends”

February 26: “Dating and Friend Making”

February 27: “Cat Tatt”

February 28: “Last Essay for February”