The Problem

Do you want a personal website, but don’t know where to start?

Do you see other people making connections online—whether that’s finding jobs or making great, intellectually ambitious friends—but don’t know how to jumpstart that process for yourself?

Everyone can see the success that viral internet fame brings, but the internet also rewards the curated, 200-follower Twitter account, or the interesting personal website.

The Solution

Your basic goal is simple and achievable: become a lighthouse on the internet so others can find you. Take advantage of the fact that online networks can provide compound value over time if done correctly.

I can walk you through it step-by-step, in every relevant detail. You will walk away with a site that you can manage, and a plan to use it.

You give me $150, I give you two hours of my time. We build your lighthouse.

(You might also want to budget up to $50 further for any necessary web tools–although this can all be done for free. Just depends on your wants and needs.)

If you need an example of what I do, well…you’re on it. Take a look around and see if you want something like it. My site, and the larger internet presence it’s part of, have been enormously beneficial. Personally and professionally.

I will offer four individual sessions for now. If you’re interested in one (now or in the future), please fill out this form and I’ll contact you.