Consider this page to be perpetually incomplete. Perhaps there is just an outline here waiting to be fleshed out. There’s always more to add, but it was lasted updated on: [10/9/2020]

I’m a man who dates men.

I’m monogamous.

I have a preference to meet someone in NYC, where I am. But I enjoy getting to know great people at a distance too (although the getting-to-know-each-other tempo would be slower). Life is long, and people are mobile. Best to get to know good people all over–we don’t know where we’ll end up or who we’ll be near.

I want children in the future, but that’s definitely years away. My preferences here are in flux.

If you want to know about how I operate (in mind, in body, in the world, see the landing page and the thoughts page). We don’t have to be the same, and I don’t even think that’s possible, but an active body and mind would match well with me.

Dating is chill–if we’re not a match, that’s OK. If we have good shared interests then I don’t think it would be strange to follow each other on social media, but I wouldn’t want actual dating/flirting to happen on a public thread. That’s what DM sliding is for.

Go to my Instagram for more pictures, but this is what I look like when I’m still working at my desk at 3am.