Below are essays on a variety of topics, with the most recent listed first. Some of these will make their way onto my Substack.

Local Politics v. Local Government:
23 February 2021:
An exercise in definitions. Getting involved in politics doesn’t have to mean running for office, and for most people it shouldn’t.

Why Not Local Politics:
19 February 2021:
Local politics is aesthetically unappealing on top of other problems. But admitting that we have a local politics engagement problem is the first step in finding a solution.

Picking a Newsletter Platform:
04 January 2021:
Substack is ascendant, but the would-be newsletter writer has other options to consider too. Nonetheless, the most important thing is getting started. Don’t spend so much time considering your tools that you forget to start using them.

02 January 2021:
Selling is a vital skill to learn, and is the basis of humanity’s unprecedented wealth. It is distinct from scamming, which is–unfortunately–often conflated with selling.

The Objects of Power:
18 November 2020
A short piece of fiction about mythological frameworks–higher level encodings of mental models. C:Python::Mental frameworks:Mythological frameworks.

Happiness and Other Heresies:
25 October 2020
A short story about the nature of some modern corporate workplaces, and one character’s willingness to commit the ultimate heresy against it: daring to demand happiness in life.