Before I moved to New York City, I had always heard that food prices were much higher here than in the rest of the country. Studies like this seemed to indicate that this sentiment was at least directionally correct. However, the more evidence of my own that I compile, the more I consider the study to be quite wrong. And not just the study–the whole idea that food in NYC (even Manhattan) is expensive. Sure, you can find and buy food at high prices, but you can do that anywhere else too.

1.25 pound of whole wheat bread at Target for 89 cents. Taken 5/4/19 at the new Target at 29th and 2nd in Manhattan.

This page will be dedicated to compiling evidence of cheap, quality, variegated food that can hopefully help both people who live in NYC and those who want to move here. So far, I’ve just begun a survey of Manhattan. More to come.

To get a list of locations of the three groceries listed below, which blanket Manhattan such that the vast majority of residents can walk to them, use Google Maps. You’ll likely have to search with two inputs to get all of them: “[grocery store name] in Manhattan” and “[grocery store name] near Manhattan, New York.”

Here are links to photo albums that catalog many common foods in Trader Joe’s, Key Foods, and Target. The prices are low, the variety is pleasant, and the quality is generally high. Please comment on the pictures if you have questions.

  1. Album of Trader Joe’s prices
  2. Album of Key Foods prices
  3. Album of city Target prices
  4. Album of Whole Foods (yep, it’s affordable) prices

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