Consider this page to be perpetually incomplete. Perhaps there is just an outline here waiting to be fleshed out. There’s always more to add, but it was lasted updated on: [8/5/2020]

There is so much to say about movies, but for now here is an incomplete list that I enjoy in no particular order. I don’t watch movies nearly as much as TV shows, but an individual movie often stays with me more than a whole season of most TV.

  • Hello, My Name is Doris
    Sally Field plays an older woman who realizes that she can live life any way she wants. It’s inspiring, and sad, and happy. I cried.
  • Gentleman’s Agreement (1947)
    Gregory Peck never fails. He plays a journalist who moves to NYC and, for the sake of a piece on antisemitism, pretends to be Jewish.
  • Mrs. Doubtfire
    I watched this movie on loop when I was little. The VHS tape got a workout.
  • What Dreams May Come
    A Robin Williams movie that should be more widely acclaimed. I cried.
  • Independence Day
    Such rollicking fun!
  • How to Train Your Dragon
    The soundtrack to this movie is what really made it for me.
  • Mulan
    I say “Would you like to stay forever??” in my head at men on the street all the time.
  • Legally Blonde
    I wrote my common application essay about Elle Woods.
  • Jurassic Park
    Also rollicking fun.
  • 9 to 5
    I love the song, and the musical, and the movie is no exception.
  • Netflix’s Self Made (it’s a miniseries)
    Octavia Spencer. Nuff said.
  • Battlestar Galactica (miniseries)
    No bears or beets here, but the image of all the atomic detonations from space was quite a feeling.
  • Interstellar
    Soundtrack. Space stuff. High concept. Love it.
  • The Martian
    Like the book, rollicking fun. Plus space stuff, which is always good.
  • Hidden Figures
    Space stuff. Math stuff. Compelling protagonists.
  • Contact
    Space stuff, you guys.
  • Gravity
    You can never get enough space stuff.
  • Carol
    I saw this movie because I was taking a walk around Boston Common in late 2015 around midnight. I saw that there was a late showing of this movie in the theater off the Common, so I dropped in. I was moved tremendously by the story.
  • Good Morning Vietnam
    Robin Williams for the third time on the list.
  • Holding the Man
    A story of heartbreak during the early AIDS epidemic and the stuff of broken dreams. The beauty of the ending needs the poignancy of the rest of the film.
  • The Way He Looks
    A happy little love story.
  • Happy Death Day
    I don’t remember how I came to be in the theater watching this one, but I often went to the Boston Common theater when I lived in Boston with no plan, so I’m sure I just picked this one. But it was a delightful sort-of-horror movie. Definitely rollicking fun.
  • The Dark Knight
    I remember being so thoroughly glad that the good guys and bad guys didn’t die in predictable ways. It made the stakes in the story real. I was so surprised. And the Joker!
  • Starship Troopers
    Space stuff, and rollicking fun obviously.
  • V for Vendetta
    The 1812 Overture will never be the same.
  • Mr. Right (with Anna Kendrick)
    I didn’t even know this movie existed until Netflix showed it to me, but it’s full, rollicking fun.
  • Ladybird
    I empathized with Ladybird in a lot of ways; and the lives of her parents are heartbreaking. The whole movie and script are great, and if you have a heart you will produce tears.