Climbing Olympus, first published in August 2014:

Humanity rapidly gains more and more control over the world around it every day. Most of that control has been along an asymptotic path toward omnipotence. Where once we moved only by the muscles of our legs, now we fly through space in ships of our own design. Where once we were content to die of plagues divinity must have sent, now we banish pestilence with the contents of our minds made manifest.

But what of omniscience?

Gay No More was originally published under the title Coming In in 2015: 

What if sexual orientation was no longer fixed by the natural world, and came unbound by human technology? Three stories follow three men who, in very different circumstances, experience the consequences of sexual reorientation. One finds peace, one loses it, and one learns to accept it.


This is a letter to Wayne County, Indiana, from one of its sons, Daniel. He grew up on a farm, surrounded by mostly animals, and never quite grew into the social fabric of rural east-central Indiana—he was a patch sewn onto it.