Consider this page to be perpetually incomplete. Perhaps there is just an outline here waiting to be fleshed out. There’s always more to add, but it was lasted updated on: [10/09/2020]

“We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.”

Technology selection is important, and it can massively improve or degrade our daily life.

Here are things that I use and love:

  • UPLIFT 60″ standing desk. I pace and think a lot, and I also do things on my computer in between exercise sets. It’s often helpful to not need to settle into/get sweat on a chair.
  • JOBY GorillaPod. I can actually take videos and good pictures of myself on my phone now! It’s also great when using my phone for video calls.
  • Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones. These were a life changer. I have some kind of sound sensory issue, and when people chew with their mouths open, won’t blow their nose, and a few other things, it really bothers me (I lose my ability to think and function properly). No longer! ALSO: while I think that airplanes and human flight are glory itself, I have a bit of an anxious reaction to flying. When I started wearing these headphones on flights, I mostly stopped being nervous; my nerves were clearly due to the sounds of the plane in flight. Who knew? Not me, that’s who.
  • Airpods for running, if I want to listen to music when I run or bike.
  • A food scale. It allows me to eat how I want to eat.
  • iPhone 11 Pro, but I think Android phones are marvelous too.

In the words of Liz Lemon, “Don’t overthink it. Sarah Lee. Frozen. Unbelievable.” Here are some pieces of technology that, while not cutting edge, still serve my needs well.

  • A five-year-old Dell laptop. Still fast and not dead due to software hygiene and magic, probably.
  • This unisex Marathon watch, which I have worn since high school. It withstands infinite abuse and the battery never wears out. If I accidentally kill it, I’m out like $15.
  • An older Kindle. I read a lot of “trash,” and I read that trash on my Kindle. (Side note: things that are labelled “trashy” can be good and fine to enjoy.)
  • A mechanical metronome for saxophone practice. When I was ten years old and starting piano lessons, my mother got me the metronome. It’s still going strong two decades later, and it was made in West Germany. I think that’s cool. It’s the only thing I own that says “Made in W. Germany.”

Here is software that I use for personal projects and just general fiddling:

  • Adobe Illustrator.
  • Figma (I love this one).
  • Excel–I’m not a macro whiz, but pivot tables change the game.
  • Roam, for all my ideas. I suppose Markdown goes along with Roam.
  • Prezi.
  • Python/SQL/others–I’m working through CS50 now.