Below is a list of things that I think about. These pages are in various states of completion. The initial bulk of content was produced in one frenzied week in August 2020, and there have been some small updates since then. I’m currently thinking about whether to do a large update, or retire these pages.

Art & Architecture
Romantic realism. Art Deco. Clean lines.

I read a lot, and I revisit many books. Like music, my book reading goes in many different directions, although there are a few cardinal ones.

Speaking and being understood. The Big Label problem.

Compounding value and disvalue
Money grows and declines with compound interest, but so do skills, knowledge, relationships, and every other value.

Corporate Stockholm Syndrome
I see a lot of people stay in jobs they don’t like for reasons that are wrong.

I’m single and monogamous, and I date men. I have dating profiles on various apps, and I think some detail here makes sense too.

I long for deep friendships. Making old friends.

History as a tool to live daily life, not a collection of facts.

I go by “dare to be judged.” Sounds bad to some, but isn’t. Related ideas are forgiveness, apology, and trust.

I watch them actively. While I sometimes put TV on in the background, I don’t usually do that with a movie.

Playing piano and saxophone, listening to everything (especially soundtracks and country music).

Personal Finance
Money doesn’t have to rule you. It should be the other way around. Knowing what a budget is and how to use it can give you direction and enable radical change.

Physical Fitness
Exercise, body image, diet, sleep, mind-body monism.

Where I’ve lived, what I’ve liked about each place, what I think about for the future.

This is a list of podcasts I regularly listen to, those I have followed in the past, and those I like to snipe the occasional episode from.

Philosophy as a useful thing. A vital thing.

Not a tool for everyday living. Properly, a hard philosophic problem, not a pundity thing. The problem of Big Labels.

The power of the generalist.

I am not religious, and why. What I think about religious people.

What do I have, what do I want, how do I think about it.

TV can get a bum rap. The bummest rap, in fact. But it is glorious. There is so much quality and so much humanity to see through television shows. I watch with closed captions.